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City asks residents to be prepared

Due to excessive rainfall from Hurricane Florence and the potential for a breach at the dams upstream, the City of Darlington encourages residents living within ½ mile of any body of water to prepare to evacuate.

According to a statement from Sonoco on Sept. 17, 2018:

“As a result of expected increased water flows from Duke Energy’s Robinson Lake Dam and the Black Creek watershed, it is now expected that flood waters will result in an embarkment overtopping of Sonoco’s dam on Black Creek in Hartsville within the next 6 to 12 hours A breach of the Hartsville Dam could create significant flooding downstream into Darlington County, South Carolina.”

Based on this information and surveys of the creeks, you will have approximately 12 to 18 hours before the flood waters reach Darlington.

  • Collect important documents to take with you, such as birth certificates, insurance policies, Social Security cards, etc.
  • Charge cell phones.
  • Pack necessities such as medicines, baby items, and rations.
  • Let family and friends know your plan of action.
  • Pay attention to local news for updates.

The City of Darlington strongly recommends that you take the necessary precautions and consider evacuating before night fall. Night rescues are extremely difficult and could be dangerous.

In the event of a mandatory evacuation, we will notify all residents in the affected areas immediately.

Contact Darlington County Emergency Management at (843)398-4469 for evacuation information and further information. Call 911 for Immediate assistance.