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Clinic available for those losing insurance


The complete economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are unknown at this point, but the expectation is that a significant number of job losses will occur. As a result, many may suddenly find themselves without health insurance.

The Board of the Darlington County Free Medical Clinic has authorized staff to modify eligibility criteria as needed to meet the ongoing primary care needs for these individuals.

"The primary goal is to ensure that patients with chronic conditions continue to have access to the healthcare and medications they need," says Kathy Shuler, R.PH., Board president. "The Clinic is in no way trying to take patients away from their current medical provider, rather we will work with the patient and the patient's current medical provider to provide continuity of care for patients who may temporarily lose health coverage."

Please let your employees know about the Free Medical Clinic in the event that they lose their health insurance. 

  • Darlington Office, 203 Grove Street, 843-398-0060
  • Hartsville Office, 500 W. Carolina Avenue, 843-332-0422