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PDRTA precautions during COVID-19 outbreak


The Pee Dee Regional Transportation Authority (PDRTA) has seen a drop of 40% in those using the bus system during the COVID-19 outbreak; however, many still use this service.

To continue to protect both PDRTA passengers and employees, there are several changes to the service of note.  

  • All PDRTA routes will be fare free. This will limit the amount of time passengers are within 2-3' of our drivers.  Passengers will also be able to use our ADA services if they can't reach their destination by calling us 24 hours in advance.
  • When possible, passengers will board and exit the rear doors. This will limit the amount of times a passenger has to walk past other passengers and the operator.
  • All Saturday service will be suspended.  The ridership levels at this point do not justify the level of potential exposure.
  • The Darlington to Florence Commuter Bus will also be suspended effective April 1. The students at FDTC and FMU as well as employees that were using this service have not utilized it recently due to all the closings.
  • The Downtown Florence Shuttle Buses are will be suspended effective April 1 since they are smaller with passengers only able to enter and exit from the front door.  Because of the way the smaller buses are set up, passengers are not able to spread out and have any distance between themselves and others.  
  • The PDRTA encourages all passengers to only use the services for essential purposes.
  • Please do NOT use public transit if they are not feeling well or if someone in their household or inner circle is ill.

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PDRTA will continue with its disinfecting protocol of 3 times per day on all high-touch areas within the buses.  Buses will also operate with small windows open to increase circulation throughout the bus.

For information, call (843) 665-2227 or visit the website.